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Dear Father Angelo,

I am a doctor and I would like to ask you this question regarding a possible case:

If a young girl who has premarital intercourse with her boyfriend comes and asks me to prescribe the birth control pill for purely contraceptive reasons, what should I do, in addition to proposing and suggesting premarital chastity, and in case the girl refuses this proposal? Should I propose natural methods to at least avoid mortal sin, or completely refuse to do anything, because it would be as if I was indirectly telling her to continue with premarital sex, even though using a natural method?

I kindly ask you to advise me about this moral doubt. Thank you.

Best wishes,


Priest’s answer

Dear Marilda,

1. If I were a doctor, I would know that I must answer in science and conscience.

And since I should be aware of all the harmful effects of the birth control pill, especially since it is not for therapeutic use, I would not feel like giving her that pill, right out of an act of charity towards the person who asks.

I would feel remorse for cooperating with this girl in causing her the vengeful effects of the pill sooner or later.

It seems to me that this is the way to act in science and conscience.

2. Nor would I be proposing to use natural methods (regarding infertile times of the month) before marriage, both because she would not have asked me for that advice and because I could not advise her to do something that is a bad thing to do.

3. If, on the other hand, she asked me what she can do, then I would propose all the advantages of premarital chastity, and this she would never have to regret, either from a biological, psychological, or spiritual and moral point of view.

4. I understand the embarrassing situation you may find yourself in.

In such situations, ask the Holy Spirit for enlightenment, for a suggestion on how you can get out of that complex situation by indicating a way that, while giving praise to God, also makes the person asking satisfied in pursuing a good direction.

Priests often do so during confession.

I wish you well, I remember you in prayer and I bless you.

Father Angelo