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A priest answers

In the charity of the Truth, a Dominican priest puts himself at your disposal to preach the themes proposed by you and to try to enlighten you in your doubts.  Write an email to Father Angelo Bellon OP, Professor of Moral Theology at the following email address:

We publish the answers in the chronological order of the questions.  For this reason, it is necessary to wait a few days.  In the meantime, Father Angelo will send the answer privately.  Any question sent to the priest will be published at the sole discretion of the staff.  In some cases, we will eliminate personal references if the delicacy of the subject requires it.  Anyone wishing to receive a private response is requested to explicitly express this intention.

To write to the webmaster of the site

For all questions relating to the site and its technical writing, you can write an email to the webmaster of the site:

In all other cases

For various suggestions, greetings and other requests you can write us an email at: