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Good morning father Angelo,

I am Alessandro from Rome. I’m studying theology and I’m a lover of philosophy.

For three months, I have been literally obsessed with a little known character who lived in the 19th century, his name is Jakob Lorber.

A clairvoyant and an occultist who claimed in 1840 to have begun to hear an “inner voice” which would dictate thousands of pages of what he called “New Revelation”, where secret things about the Bible were explained, and others added.

The problem with the latter is that they are full of heresies, ranging from the apocatastasis to the stuff created  by the fall of Lucifer (so Satan would be the creator and the stuffis  sin).

This character is easily refutable theologically, but the problem that worries me is a different one: in his writings there are premonitions that really happened, such as climate pollution and various natural disasters; in addition, it is surprising how he described the structures of the atom and of the other particles before they were discovered. His fans would claim that there weren’t books of science at his home and so all these things would have been told him by the “inner voice”.

I ask you how a person openly in error could have written revolutionary scientific things, and at times guessed some prophecies? Finally the interior voice tells him that the world will end in 2031.

Do you know of this character? Help me with your prayer, to put this out of my mind, because it only disturbs me and takes away my peace, so do help me to become clear.

I remember you in my prayers to the Lord and pray for the protection of the Holy Mother of God for you.

I thank you for your work, and give glory to God!

The priest’s answer

dear Alessandro,

1.     We know cases of people who knew surprising things without having been taught  by anybody.

There was the case – perhaps the most discussed one – of Gregorio Lopez (1562-1596) a Spanish hermit who went to Mexico where he worked as an amanuensis.

 Well, Gregorio Lopez, even though he had not done any studies, possessed a vast knowledge of Sacred Scripture, of the history of the Church, of the principles of the spiritual life and of the direction of souls.

Not only this, but also he had extraordinary knowledge of astrology, cosmography, geography, anatomy, medicine, pharmacy and agriculture.

He was a high-level mystic, he lived continuously in the presence of God and he says of himself that “for 36 years he had been in a pure and naked act of God’s love, without interrupting even a moment”.

From the theological point of view, his knowledge could be linked to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, of understanding and science.

The gift of understanding has given us the intimate essence of divine realities and also of created realities.

2.     The person you mention is something completely different and it seems that we can say his knowledge came from the one who the Lord calls “a liar and the father of lies” (Jn 8,44).

Saint Thomas Aquinas says that in the demons we can find some truths but often we find their conjectures.

 But since the devil can’t penetrate directly into man’s intellect, so he is wrong when he conjectures, because human actions don’t proceed in a deterministic way but are subject to freedom.

 For this reason Jesus says: When he tells a lie, he speaks in character, because he is a liar and the father of lies. (Jn 8,44)

In conclusion the occultist’s affirmations aren’t believable and you only waste time in following him and being scared.

3.     The prophecy according to which the world will end in 2031 is the proof that what he says is wrong.

 Jesus said: “But of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone”. (Mt 24,36)

I thank you for praying for me to God and for the protection of the Holy Mother of God.

 Likewise,  I pray for you from my  heart, I wish you all the best and I bless you.

Father Angelo

Translated by Emanuele Menchiari