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Dear Father,

I have some questions as I believe I could be a victim of some curse or spell.

In the past and recently I experienced unusual events.

After two months, suddenly, all the people I was hanging out with disappeared without any reason. This both with my friends as well as in my love life.

I realised that I have serious issues in my life. 

These issues are now also affecting my professional life. I am surrounded by envious people. Friends envy my school achievements, others the fact I am more beautiful than them and I receive a lot of attention from boys interested in knowing me. 

Even within my family there are people that envy me, my family, my degree etc. These relatives have always cursed me and said hurtful words when angry, both to me and my parents.

After I started to pray, things seemed to have improved until this summer a gipsy lady knocked on our door. 

As my mother in the past used to visit fortune-tellers and magicians she let this lady in. She asked her to read my hand, certain that my love life issues were caused by a spell.

She said that I had a spell cast and it was necessary to remove it otherwise I would never get married. She attempted to remove it by praying to saints, by making knots to my mother foulard, by invoking my name and the name of my mother. She then gave me a heart shaped stone containing a drawing of Mary removings knots.

As I did not believe it, after a while I burned all the objects she gave me. Since then a lot of misfortunes have happened in my life: (…)

My family members are blasphemous and do not attend Mass. I frequently receive the sacrament of reconciliation, but often commit serious sins. How can I be liberated from all this in your opinion? Is there a way to free myself from all these misfortunes caused by these spells cast?

Which blessed object can I have with me at all times to be safe?

Rosary, miraculous medal, Saint Benedict cross, anything else?

Please can I have some suggestions?

Thank you Father.

Priest’s answer 


1. Getting in touch with fortune tellers, magicians etc is the same as getting in touch with our enemy.

This is why in the Old Testament God has strictly prohibited all these practices. 

How can you get yourself free from this?

2. First of all through confession

Confess that you accepted to have your life read by this woman and to have received her spell.

As you said that you committed other serious sins, confess them as well together with the former. 

Until you don’t have the grace of God your enemy, together with all those that want evil things to happen to you, will find an open door through which they can enter. 

3. Therefore the first thing to do is a good and sincere confession.

Confession will free yourself from sin and from all the connections that keep you under the influence of those that envy you. 

Second, avoid grave sins: nothing can hurt you if you are in the grace of God. 

Third, you might need a liberatory benediction. 

But foremost observe points 1 and 2.

4. It can be beneficial also to keep some blessed object such as the cross, miraculous medal or the Holy Rosary.

However these in themselves are not enough if we do not cover our life with sanctifying grace. 

5. Sanctifying Grace is like a hedge plant that prevents our enemy from hitting us.

It is the devil itself that talks about a hedge. He blames God to have placed a hedge around the righteous Job and it was for this reason that Job could not be hit (see Job 1,10)

6. Likewise in the Sacred Scriptures the state of Grace is compared to a shell that protects us from evil: “he covers you with his pinions, you find shelter under his wings. His constancy is shield and protection” (Ps 91,4).

Per cui “Though a thousand fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, you yourself will remain unscathed.” (Ps 91,7).

7. You can see that Jesus equips his followers well and protects them.

If we live as the Lord wants, not only we need not to fear, but our enemies will fear us.

For an arrow that hits a shield inevitably bounces back. And often hits back the one who threw it first.

I wish you the best, I remember you in prayer and I bless you.

Fr Angelo