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Dear Father Angelo Bellon,

I am writing to ask you several things, among which many clarifications and some consolation because of what I have been experiencing in the last 5 months.

Due to my curiosity and my fears, I ended up talking online with a guy who calls himself a “spiritual satanist”, and I wanted to understand what this was all about. I thought I would be able to convert him, to get him back on the right path, but the opposite has happened…

These spiritual satanists have several beliefs. In short, they believe that: The Earth was initially created by Lucifer, who, together with other so-called “Nordic” gods, created mankind in the form of a monkey. He planned to make this monkey evolve until it would become a real god, so he wanted to give men the necessary knowledge to gain the immortality of soul and body, so that they would become real gods. But, according to their beliefs, the Jews, which had been created by “reptilian aliens”, sneaked to Earth and defetead the Nordic gods: in this way the “new religions” were born (Islam, Christianity, etc.).

So, they basically believe in the Egyptian gods, in those things which the ancient Egyptians saw and believed, as well as Phoenicians, Greeks and other populations. According to them, Christianity, Islam, and other Judeo-Christian religions are a deception that keeps men far from the true spirituality and  from becoming  true gods.

In fact, in the myth of Adam and Eve, the defeat of the “snake” shows that Christianity is a deceit. They believe the snake is named “kundalini” and must ascend through  the back  up to the head to get the illumination that would make us become gods, as in Egyptian depictions.

They also believe that the  halo is nothing but  this concept of Satan’s snake which rises through the back and gets to the head. To them, heaven and hell are allegories to designate the “chakras”, from the lowest (root chakra, situated in intimate parts) until the seventh chakra, the crown chakra (which, according to them, creates the concept of holiness, of paradise and of the “seventh heaven”).

In summary, they have a whole lot of beliefs about Christianity, and they also emphasize things like the Inquisition, clergy abuse and other ecclesiastical corruptions…

So far, I did not think there was anything wrong, so I started believing in these things. A new phase started where I felt free, I felt myself and I did not feel any more the weight of being controlled by Jesus, so I started committing a lot of sins. The concept of sin totally disappeared for me, do you understand? I learnt more about this theory of spiritual satanism, and more about the fact that good is evil and evil is good. Most of these spiritual satanists are Nazi: Hitler is to them a leader of a new satanic congregation, which tried to exterminate Jews (which they believe are the ones who rule the world) and wanted to establish a new empire. They use inverse psychology a lot: since, according to the world, Jesus is good and Satan is evil, they use this excuse to say that the world is corrupted and dominated by Jews. To them, the story of Jews’ mass extermination contains many falsehoods, so they believe the Holocaust Memorial Day is actually a deceit to make us believe that Germans are evil and Jews are good.

They label Christians as “communists” and they believe Jews want to enslave and destroy the world through these religions and through atheism: both Judeo-Christian religions and atheism represent to them the lack of true knowledge.

They believe Blacks, Asians and Europeans are actually different races, created by different gods, and that Jews are intruders. In their forums there is news about genetic studies that prove there is a genetic difference between us and, for example, people of different skin color.

They believe miracles, Marian apparitions and pre-death experiences are caused by these reptilian aliens (those who created Jews) and by gray aliens. 

They also emphasize a lot the fact that Christianity is only 2000 years old, while other older religions have many elements in common…

So far I was almost persuaded, I even started thinking that we actually belong to different races, that history was manipulated and that Jews are not human. Of course, accepting these crazy and insane ideologies was very hard, but I was convinced because of all the historical data presented in their website.

This boy I had met online guided me more and more along this path, inviting me to an online group where there were many young people my age (15-16 years old), who, like me, wanted to “know the  truth”. In this group there were many videos about telekinesis, pyrokinesis and other magical tricks they make, believing this is the result of “opening of the third eye” and “decalcification of the pineal gland”: all pseudo-Hindu teachings that make use of magic and witchcraft.

They justify magic saying it is the result of the power of their aura, which, according to them, can be seen in certain photographs and consists in the scientifically proven presence of atoms and molecules around us.

At this point I was totally convinced about this teaching, until I asked that boy what would be the final destination of those who die as Catholic or as Christian. He replies that Christians, Muslims and, generally speaking, those who believe in the Judeo-Christian religions will go to a sort of Hell, where these “gray aliens” use souls for their own purposes. Since my family is Catholic, I got scared and he replied that I should “save” my relatives by showing them the truth.

At this point, Father, I started to realize how all  this doctrine has changed  me: I had almost become a Nazi, I went to Mass but inside me I was ridiculing it, and I did not believe any more in the Bible, which according to these Satanists is a “magic Jew book, which enslaves the Gentiles’ mind through pagan teachings stolen from older religions”. Now, instead, I would like to come back to Jesus and to the Church, but I cannot pretend to simply swipe off all of that from my head … so I am very frightened about this satanism, and that boy was telling me it is due to the “gray aliens” that try to make me come back. In short, now I feel trapped in this cult, but sometimes I cannot help but recognize some truths and see what is behind some aspects of the Church. In particular I cannot trust  the figure of the Pope and of the Church any more and when a few days ago I tried to pray, I could not feel anything and became very sad.

I would like to go back to how I used to be, I would like to believe again  that Jesus is the absolute truth, so that I could rejoice once more with my friends and family, but sometimes I feel like I have been awakened by another big truth and these are just temptations that serve to “distract me from the truth”… 

I am begging you to help me solve this problem that has been plaguing me for days. I hope that I will be happy again… I am really depressed now; I feel enslaved by something that I previously saw as freedom… please help me. If you could explain to me where this “magic” comes from and how to be sure again that Jesus is the truth. These Satanists keep saying that before or after, the world will see the reality of spiritual satanism, everybody will wake up and the world will be free… but I cannot imagine a future like this, and for this reason, many times I burst into tears and I feel very depressed…

Thank you for your time,


Answer by the priest

Dear Francesco,

1. I am sorry your email has been buried for months. I have read it only today. Forgive me. You were in urgent need to leave that satanic cult.

2. Reading your email, I kept asking myself how one can ramble like that. I would not be surprised if these people were trying to get in contact with Satan, or if they would presume to be in contact with him.

It is known that also Bartolo Longo, now venerated by the Church as a Blessed, had joined spiritist and satanic circles while he was studying at Naples University. But seeing how low he had fallen (one of his fellow spiritists and satanists ended up killing himself) he decided to leave, so he asked for help from a former classmate, whom he knew had kept the faith: Professor Pepe. Pepe introduced him to a great Dominican, Father Alberto Radente, Master of Theology, who helped him in his conversion and introduced him again to Christian life.

3. The ramblings you have heard upon joining this group are not entirely new, at least some of them.

In the times of Saint Dominic, Cathars and Albigenses, who had connections with the Manichaean thinking, said the same things regarding Satan and the world’s origins.

Of course, the fascination with Nazism was foreign to them, but they had in common with your ex-fellows a sort of hatred for all that is Christian.

They expressed their hatred by breaking down and destroying churches and religious buildings.

4. What advice can I give to you?

First thing is sacramental confession.

You need to be freed by any influence of Satan in your life.

Confession, in the ancient times of Christianity, was considered as a second Baptism.

And just as in the first Baptism one is freed from the devil’s influences (not for nothing, among various rites performed during Baptism there is also the exorcism action), the same happens in the Confession, which under this aspect is a kind of exorcism that is permanently available to everybody.

You need to be freed, purified, and sanctified.

You will feel better in every respect.

5. At the same time, I suggest you pick up the Gospel.

At that moment, Christ will come near you, will enlighten you with His light, will nourish you internally and will open a holy way for you and for your future.

Not for nothing, Christ has said “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14,6).

You will feel like you have been brought back into the real world, after a period of alienation and exile.

6. I also suggest you call Our Lady and ask her to be your mother in spiritual life, by saying a “Hail Mary” now.

He who has said “I am the way and the truth and the life” also told us to take Mary as our Mother. From the cross, he turned to John, who represented every one of us, and he told him “Behold, your mother.” (John 19, 27). And turning to Our Lady he said “Woman, behold, your son.” (John 19, 26).

Mary is the woman mentioned by God, at the dawn the creation after original sin, when he told satan: I will put enmity between you and the woman (Genesis 3, 15).

Yes, to be freed from Satan you need to invoke Her.

You will see, I promise you, everything will flourish again.

With Her by your side, with Her presence on your lips and in your heart, you will do better and faster.

I would indeed be very happy if you as well  experience it .

Be assured that you will have a special place in my prayers.

Meanwhile I wish you all the best and a Holy Christmas 2019 too.

I bless you.

Father Angelo