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I am sending you some photos of one of my works in Terme Vigliatore for the patronal feast.
Best wishes


  1. No words can express the satisfaction you deserve. In front of such a work people can remain breathless.
    Thank you for sending me the photos.
  2. I would also like to share them with our visitors, most of whom are not used to seeing the infiorate, which
    are a source of holy pride in some parts of Italy, as in your case in Trinacria (Sicily). Terme Vigliatore is in fact
    in the province of Messina.
  3. The core of the infiorata you sent me is the Eucharist, which remembers the sacrifice of Christ on our
    altars. In the centre we see the priest: his posture and the sacred vestments he wears, typical of the Mass as
    it was once celebrated, recall the central and ineliminable aspect of this sacrament: the sacrifice of Christ.
  4. Its efficacy on the altar is the same as the sacrifice made on the cross, because it is not a matter of a
    repetition or a renewal, but it is the same sacrifice of the Lord, which by his will and through the ministry of
    the priests is made present everywhere until the end of the world for the men who participate in it.
  5. This divine sacrifice is offered to the Holy Trinity, which is illustrated in the infiorata by means of the
    luminous and glorious triangle. The dove that can be seen inside it is a reminder that what takes place in the
    celebration of the Eucharist is accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit, “who is Lord (God) and gives
    life”. It is offered to the divine Majesty by the Angels.
  6. The whole of Heaven with its inhabitants is made present in the celebration of the Eucharist, as can be
    seen in the upper part of the infiorata. It is the heavenly Church, the triumphant Church, which is particularly
    united with the earth in the celebration of the Mass. All its inhabitants pray with us and pray for us.
  7. Other Angels can be seen at the sides of the altar, dispensing the fruits of Christ’s sacrifice to those present
    at the celebration, who are a representation of the pilgrim Church on earth and who benefit indirectly from
    it. The same Angels also dispense the fruits of Christ’s sacrifice to the souls in Purgatory. These fruits are
    symbolised by two cascades of luminous water, that is, of sanctifying grace and gifts given from heaven for
    the needs of believers.
  8. It would not be a bad thing to always keep in mind during the Eucharistic celebration the presence of the
    whole Church, that of heaven, that of earth and that of Purgatory. Just as it would not be a bad idea to keep
    our gaze raised towards the ministry of the angels. In the hope that meditating in front of this marvellous
    infiorata will help many visitors to participate more fruitfully in Holy Mass, I bless you and remember you in
    Padre Angelo