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Dear Father Angelo,

I am a faithful Christian but there are dark times in my life. I can’t live a normal life of faith.

My sinful past does not allow me to fully live my experience of faith. I feel disgusted and ashamed of myself.

There are moments that I don’t even desire salvation. I am so down in the dumps that I believe that there is nothing I can  do that will ever help me  to save my soul 

I feel like  a mistake of nature and I feel like crying but I have no more tears.

I have a very painful past that led me to disrespect my body.

I’m afraid of not being able to get out of this past.

I have tried to  confess many times but then I always fall back on the same mistakes and the worst thing is that the more time passes the more my soul gets dirty.

How can you get out of lust?

a priest answer


1.     I just give you two tips.

The first is that of a  frequent and regular sacramental confession.

Maybe even every week and always with the same confessor.

2.     This confession should be brief, indeed very brief.

Thus you will find the priest always available.

3.     You will make this confession even if there are no deadly sins to confess. Confession in fact communicates strength.

It also communicates the strength and grace to prevent certain sins.

4.     The second thing I suggest to you is the daily  prayer of the Holy Rosary.

With this prayer you will let Our Lady enter your life and  it won’t be long before you see  a renewal.

5.     You wrote your email on 11th February, the day on which the first apparition of Our Lady in Lourdes is remembered.

Bernadette says that Our Lady had two golden roses on her feet.

Well, those two golden roses on the feet of the Madonna mean that where the Madonna rests her feet, everything blossoms again.

6.     Bernadette also said that the apparition of Our Lady lasted as long as the recitation of the Rosary.

After that , the Apparition disappeared.

This means that during the Rosary, Our Lady enters our life and our activities.

She enters to make everything  bloom again and in the most splendid way.

7.     Here is the secret: by reciting the Holy Rosary every day you allow Our Lady to come and rest her feet in your life and in your family.

You need everything to flourish again in your life.

I wish you all the best, I entrust you to God and I bless you.

Father Angelo