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Dear father,

I would like you to clarify a doubt.

They taught me that God is one in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I have heard that Jesus is also Father and actually in the Gospel He says: the Father and I are the same thing.

But is it correct to say that Jesus is also a Father?

Thank you



Dear Nuccia,

1. As far as substance is concerned, the Son and the Father are one, they are the only God.

2. However they are distinguished because the Father is the divine substance.

While the Son is the knowledge, the thought of this divine substance.

And it is knowledge and thought as great as God is great.

It is of the same divine substance because everything that is in the divine substance is also in His knowledge and thought.

3. The Father is the divine substance generating Thought, Knowledge, the Son.

The Son is the divine substance generated.

4. This is why in the Creed we say that the Word, the Son, is begotten but not created.

It is indeed coeternal with the divine substance.

He didn’t come a moment later.

We also say that He is of the same substance as the Father, the only God.

5. Therefore it is incorrect to say that Jesus is the Father.

Because in so far as He is God, he is the thought of God, the Word, the Son.

He is the divine substance generated.

While the Father is the generating divine substance.

6. The same thing must be said of the Holy Spirit, who is the love of God.

He is Love as great as God is great, of the same substance as the Father.

And with the Father and the Son (who is his Knowledge, the Word) He is the only God.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a brief review of the doctrine regarding the three divine Persons who are the only God in whom we believe.

I remember you in prayer and I bless you.

Father Angelo