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Dear Father Angelo,

I’m a 26 year old woman. I strongly believe in God, in fact I’d say I love him. I am trying to follow his teaching in everything that I do despite feeling that the whole world is against me.  In this I mean those closest to me (friends and family).

I was recently left by a man who did not agree to a chaste engagement. Also I did not approve living together before we were married.

Everyone thinks that I am wrong and because of my beliefs I have raised a wall, and I have lost a good boyfriend.

I am fully committed to my faith and I feel the presence of God in me, however this whole situation has disheartened me a lot.

People say I should think away from my ecclesiastical dogmas, they think that I am crazy for not wanting to live with a man before we get married. They say that I will never find a man because in today’s society no one is willing to accept these conditions, that I should be realistic and stop living in a fantasy.

The fact is that I cannot see a reality beyond God. God is my reality.

Father, I feel very lonely, at times different and ridiculed. I cannot deny that I feel scared.

How can we talk of God to those who do not believe he is real?

How can I explain my faith?

How can I explain that my beliefs are needs that I strongly feel in my heart and they are not just instituted by the Church?

How can I explain the true love that only comes from God, to those who do not know it?

I await your holy counsel.

I will pray for you.

Priest answer

Dear friend,

1.I understand the pain of being left by a boy with whom you began to think and daydream about the future.

But all in all, I think – despite having to go through a disappointment and a not sweet suffering – what happened has been a grace because that boy, with his way of thinking and behaving, was not trying to make you happy; he was only looking for himself.

2.I understand well when you say that it’s not only about following the Church’s dogmas, but these convictions come from listening the voice of your consciousness and your dignity as a person who cannot accept to be use and then easily dumped like something to be tried and then thrown away when the boy doesn’t like it anymore.

3.If the boy had known what purity is, he would have been happy to find a girl like you. You would have been the girl he has always desired and prayed God to meet.

But I know one thing for sure: if he does not love purity, he lives in an “opposite” world.

I don’t want to give you more details because you can easily understand what I’m saying.

4.It would not have been a problem if he admitted his frailty and his need of help. Someone could have helpd him, purify and edify himself.

This was not possible because of his determination on living in a “not pure state”. Believe me, it’s better for you to have lost him now, cause you would have lost him later anyway with much more drama.

You must thank God to have lost him without losing the most important things of your life: your dignity as a woman!

5.The providence is “preparing” the man you will marry. And you will be happy to meet Him as God wants, chaste and pure.

And he will be happy as well as.

He will be happier when you will say him you have fight a lot to preserve your dignity as a woman.

6.Don’t trust in what your friends say to you.

Trust only in God.

God won’t leave you alone, never.

Today – the 16th of April 2020 – is Saint Bernadette Soubirous liturgical memory, she saw the Holy Mary in Lourdes. Bernadette said: “The virgin Mary says we must pray a lot because a person healed after nine novenas.”

Why praying so much?

To become worthy of Christ’s promises.

We become worthy when with pray we fill ourselves and the ones God puts on our way with power

I wish you a holy Easter, which continues during this entire week.

I wish you lots of grace, peace and everything you desire.

Thanks for your prayers, I’ll pray for you and I bless you.

Father Angelo

Translated by : Martina Bimbi