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1.  St. Bernard liked to recall that when he was a child waiting for Midnight Mass he fell asleep in his chair and had a magnificent dream.

In the midst of Heaven he saw Our Lady taking the baby Jesus from her breast and presenting him to him.

Jesus was smiling at Bernard, and Bernard opened himself to Jesus’ smile by smiling back.

Jesus touched him with his little hands and caressed him, and he did likewise.

And so they went on for quite some time under Our Lady’s complacent and encouraging gaze until the Mass bell rang and he woke up.

2. Also in this year’s Christmas, Our Lady gives us the baby Jesus who smiles at us.

His smile expands our hearts and encourages us to smile back at Him.

His smile makes the face of God shine upon us.

And just as light annihilates darkness, so his splendor, irradiating light, fills us with joy and annihilates all evil.

3. His hands touching us are the same hands that restored sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, speech to the mute, health to the sick and resurrection to the dead.

In those very hands is enclosed, as in a treasure chest, the omnipotence of God.

4. Here is the wish: that by pausing as much as possible in prayer and meditation we may see the B.V. Mary coming to us and bringing us Jesus.

May her smile ward off all evil from us.

May her hands caress us ceaselessly and repeatedly. And may they bring health and peace to us and to those we entrust to Him.

How beautiful it would be if we could no longer detach ourselves from this scene!

I accompany these good wishes with prayers.

I bless and thank everyone, especially those who in various ways collaborate with our site and our work of evangelization.

Father Angelo