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Good morning Father,

I apologize in advance if this email may appear inconvenient, I for one feel stupid to write… but I would really like an answer from you.

I am married and my husband’s family never accepted me, so we interrupted our mutual relationship, after a long line of tragic events. Since we got engaged, I started to have serious health problems that are difficult to deal with (I have consulted many doctors) and over the years, they have increased in intensity and frequency. In addition, there is an interminable chain of unexpected events in my profession and other accidents that I am now almost  used to, but which cause surprise to many people around me, including my husband, who frequently tells me: “how is it possible that all these things happen to you?”. There have also been episodes of strange marks on my skin such as crosses, scratches, marks around the ankles (I am a doctor myself, and I cannot attribute these manifestations to any skin disease). Up to some months ago, my husband and I also faced a long period of almost two years of emotional distress, during which he took a hostile attitude toward me, saying me things like that he felt in prison in our house and other things he never said before, except for admitting that he did not understand why he behaved like that.

Finally, we are not actively looking for children, but for a couple of years now, I noticed that every time I am in my fertile days, something happens to me to hinder  our intimacy (such as illnesses, small accidents, problems at work, quarrels…). For example, in this moment I am blocked by an intense low back pain, the only time I seriously thought that I could get pregnant, I fractured my foot and from the pain I had a haemorrhage… and there are dozens of similar episodes I could tell you.

Over the years, more than one person, looking at my health problems and my misfortunes, has mentioned the “evil eye” or similar as being the reason for that, suggesting that my mother-in-law could be the reason. I am a person of science, I am a physician, I cannot believe all this, even if there are many things that I cannot explain, and in many occasion I was the first one to see the connection between messages or sentences from my mother-in-law or visits from my husband and, immediately after, the unimaginable problems occurring me. I do not know what to think anymore. My husband thinks that these are just superstitions, but then he notices how unlucky I am, and gets sad because I am always sick. I do not feel “unlucky”, quite the opposite, I think that there are worse illnesses, but I must admit that there are days when I feel worn out by this continuous battle and in those days, like today, I wonder if I should look for other answers in order to explain these events.

This is why I would like your opinion: what do you think? Could my mother-in-law really have hurted us in any way?

Finally, I would like to add to this long letter another observation: when I go to church, or talk to a priest, or a nun, I feel the need to cry at the point that I have to hold back my tears because if it were up to me, I would burst into tears…but maybe it is only because I finally feel welcomed.

Thank you so much for the time you will spend for me.

 Priest’s Response


1. probably father Amorth would have revealed the presence of a spell in your case.

Father Amorth had a long experience in this matter.

Which I do not have.

2. Therefore, I simply say that spell exists.

But I cannot  tell you if, in your case, it is a real spell.

3. We have to walk with lead feet before saying whether or not we are in the presence of a spell. On the other hand, it would be wrong to deny the spell’s existence at all. 

4. I have always been impressed by the affirmations of St. Giuseppe Moscati, chief physician at the Naples hospital, who used to say to some patients: “You need a confessor more than a physician”. In other words, he diagnosed a preternatural evil’s aetiology, an intervention of our common enemy. According to Moscati’s convictions, the confession could remove the evil, being a form of exorcism that can save from the influences of the devil and from many adversities coming from our common enemy.

The grace which is communicated through confession belongs to the supernatural order, and is therefore much stronger than everything  coming from the preternatural world.

5. In order to keep oneself immune from the curse, it is necessary to remain in God’s grace. Grace, as well as bringing the personal presence of God into our hearts, is a kind of hedge that protects us from hellish attacks. It is openly recognised by the devil himself who – according to the book of Job – knew that he could not strike Job and his property  because God had put a hedge around him.

6. It is true that God later granted Satan the power to strike Job, although he is a just and a holy man. But this was an exception to the norm, God’s grace ensures that nothing can strike us (cf. Ps 91:7). St. James also recognized it and added that, if we live in God’s grace, not only does the devil not strike us, but he even runs away from us, because he fears us: “Submit yourselves to God; resist  the devil, and he will flee from you”. (Gc 4.7). “Submit yourselves to God” means obeying the commandments: the ten commandments, and also the two precepts of charity which tell us to love God with all our heart, and to love our neighbour as ourselves, including our enemies and those who harm us. For the Lord said: “But I say unto you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you” (Mt 5:44).

7. If in your case it is a spell, what can you do? Well, the first thing is the sacramental confession, with the intention of following the ways of God. This is perhaps the easiest way to.

8. The second, which is much more difficult, is not to open up any chink to the common enemy, so that he cannot hit you. In other words, never speak ill of the person you think is at the root of your problems. Instead, as the Lord commanded: pray for this person. This is the way to neutralize any attack.

9. How true it is what the Eternal Father said to Saint Catherine of Siena: “In this life, I allow the demons to tempt and molest my creatures, not so that they may be overcome, but so that they may win, and receive from me the glory of victory, giving proof of their virtue.

On the other hand, no one should fear, whatever the battles and temptations are, because I have made men strong and I have given them the willpower, by fortifying it in the blood of my Son (so with the help of Grace). Neither devil nor creature can change this will, because it is yours, given to you by me together with free will.

Therefore, by free will you can keep it firmly in your possession or leave it as you like.

If you place it in the hands of the devil, it becomes the weapon and the knife through which he can beat and kill you; but if man does not put his will in the hands of the devil, if he does not agree to his temptations and harassment, he will never be wounded by the guilt of sin, whatever temptation he suffers. On the contrary, he will be strengthened by it if he opens the eye of the intellect to contemplate my charity, which allows you to be tempted only to reach virtue and to feel that in yourself.

Demons are therefore my ministers in tormenting the damned in hell and in exercising and proving man’s virtue in this life. The devil’s intention is not to try and harden your virtue, because there is no charity in him, but to deprive you of virtue: but he cannot do this if you do not want to.

Great is therefore the foolishness of man who becomes weak where I have made him strong and he puts himself into the hands of the devil” (Dialogue, 43).

10. Therefore, do not put yourself into the hands of the devil with any sin, not even venial. Increase the grace, if your problems are caused by a preternatural origin, the devil will not have the power to act on you.

I wish you all the best, I accompany you with my prayer and I bless you

Father Angelo