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Good morning,

In the past I committed a serious mortal sin, abortion.

Three years ago I felt a strong call to go to  Medjugorje,so I went there and I felt a pressing need to confess my sin and I confessed it to an ordinary priest, but with a deep contrition of heart and  profound repentance ( I would never commit such a sin again).

He absolved me seeing my great sorrow  and I felt light as if my heart was freed by a boulder. Back home I changed my way of being a Christian, from lukewarm I have become fervent.

I go to Mass every Sunday, I go to confession regularly and I love Jesus. I have  found Faith.

I ask you if my confession was valid since the Church says it must be heard by a bishop.

Thank you

Dear friend,

1. Excommunication for abortion affects only those who are aware of the excommunication.

2. Then if you were not unaware of it, you did not fall into excommunication and any priest could have  absolved you.

If you were aware of it and you confessed your sin  to a priest of the mendicant orders (Franciscans, Dominicans, Carmelites) then the excommunication has been lifted from you because these priests have the faculty to lift this kind of excommunication.

3. In fact, this also happens: if a priest is not provided with such  a faculty, he directs the penitent  to another priest who has the same  faculty or asks him/her to return after a month and in the meantime acquires the faculty.

4. This case may also occur: that a priest – even without being provided with  this kind of faculty – sees a strong repentance  and therefore  gives absolution.

Nonetheless, he must always remind the penitent to return within a month while in the meantime he asks the competent authority how to proceed (obviously without naming names).

5. The fact that the  priest did not tell you anything suggests that he had the power to absolve the sin of  abortion.

Therefore you can remain calm.

6. I am glad that the Lord has called you to Himself.

You are as if reborn, risen.

There is nothing that can be compared to a heart-to-heart communion with the Lord.

7. In communion with the Lord you also find communion with your little angel, who has forgiven you, loves you and prays for you

I entrust you to the Lord and I bless you

Father Angelo