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Dear Friends,

1. On the occasion of the feast of the Nativity of Mary I would like to remind you that just four years ago, on this date, our website was renovated, and enriched, two years ago,with translations into various languages.

This date was deliberately chosen not only so that our work may be constantly blessed and protected by the Blessed Virgin Mary, but also to do something for Her.

Blessed Jacopo da Varazze, a Dominican and later also the archbishop of Genoa, was struck by an expression from the Holy Scriptures that the Church has always applied to Our Lady: “They that honor me shall have life everlasting.” (qui elucidant me, vitam aeternam habebunt,” (Sir 24:31) ).

From that moment he was determined to do something in honor of Our Lady and wrote a treatise on theology: the Mariale.

2. The Nativity of Mary is a merry opportunity for us to thank all those who collaborate in the running of our site, especially the translators.

But it is also a reason to encourage each other and continue our work by dedicating it to Mary.

To all our collaborators and especially the translators I would like to suggest: tell Our Lady that what you do, you do it for Her, to honor Her and also to trust that you shall obtain what has been promised: “They that  honor me shall have life everlasting.”

I embrace you spiritually one by one, I bless you, I remember you in prayer and especially in Holy Mass.

Padre Angelo